Past Jesters Performances

Each spring, Jesters presents a culminating, original, multimedia performance featuring a cast of Jesters participants. Performances are held at the University of Saint Francis in the North Campus auditorium.

Under the leadership of current director, Allison Ballard, Jesters has presented the following shows:

“Horse Tales” – March 2014

“Horse Tales” was set in a stable where horses and dogs gathered for a fox hunt. As they met, they shared their life stories based on pieces of literature, including “Misty of Chincoteague,” “Black Beauty,” “Sea Biscuit” and “Call of the Wild.” These storylines were portrayed by Jesters participants. Throughout the story, a fox tried to build a relationship with the horses and dogs, ultimately convincing them to cancel the hunt and creating opportunities to explore themes of friendship, love and loyalty. The Jesters program and the 2014 performance are supported in part by a grant from the AWS Foundation.

“And Then” – March 2013

“And Then” used music, puppets, dance and theatre to explore stories of change and transformation as told through the voice of gardeners who witnessed the life cycle of a butterfly and the seasonal changes of the flower garden they tended.

Letters to Hal” – March 2012

“Letters to Hal” was an original, family-oriented, multimedia performance created by Director Allison Ballard. The performance used poems by Shel Silverstein, music (instrumental and voice), language, visual arts, movement and theatre to explore a mosaic history of the Jesters and honor founder Hal Gunderson.

Takin’ Time” – March 2011

“Takin’ Time,” scripted by Director Allison Ballard, told a coming-of-age story that followed the Renegades as they ventured forth from their village and traveled through time to explore independence. The performance was supported by a support team that included six local musicians, four student interns, 13 community volunteers, and administrative and promotional support from USF.

DaisyJack” – March 2010

“DaisyJack” was an original story about everyday men and women searching for the place where they belong. In this multimedia, family-oriented production written by Director Allison Ballard, Daisy and Jack were fallen stars. Guided by the magical Menehunes, they traveled through emotional landscapes (Hound Dogs, Sundrops, Scaredy Cats and Meanies), hid from the Evil Queens and encountered the Super Heroes as they tried to find their way home. Daisy and Jack watched through their windows (large door-sized frames the Jesters stood in while they performed) as the story unfolded through drama, rhythm, music, dance and visual arts. “DaisyJack” featured three local performing artists and 15 volunteers who provided backstage support.

“Roundabout” – April 2009

“Roundabout” was an original, family-oriented production that used theatre, singing, live instrument accompaniment and dance to tell the age-old story of people in conflict who are challenged to learn to live together in peace. During the show, character groups, Squares and Triangles, stomped around the world seeking a treasure that was carefully guarded by the Circles. Watching their rampage, the animals eventually intervened, creating an opportunity for peaceful resolution.