Events, Exhibits & Trips

The University of Saint Francis School of Creative Arts (SOCA) is committed to providing students and the Fort Wayne community with a wide range of exhibitions, lectures, performances, trips and other creative offerings.

SOCA provides gallery exhibitions with regional, national and international artists in its multiple galleries on campus. The Closer Look Lecture Series supports the exhibitions with national and international artists and scholars. Gallery exhibitions and lectures are offered free of charge to USF students and the general public.

The Music Technology program supports multiple performance groups including the Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band and University Singers. These groups perform both a winter and spring concert, in addition to performing throughout the community at various events.

SOCA also produces two theatrical productions each year, a musical and a drama.

At SOCA, we believe that art education should be an ongoing, integrated element of education that is accessible to people of all ages, ethnicities, genders and social classes. Exhibitions, lectures and other programs are extensions of the USF mission and use SOCA’s resources to support a critical community need.

If you need reasonable accommodations for these events, please notify the main office of the School of Creative Arts at least 7 days before the event.