Learn to engage changing and diverse audience members as a creative theatre professional. For more information, contact Jane Martin, program director of communication.


The School of Creative Arts’ (SOCA) dedicated, engaged theatre, communication, art and business faculty serve as mentors and advisers to assist you in imagining and attaining your career goals. We focus on problem solving, oral communication skills, artistic and physical development, and career promotion.


The USF Performing Arts Center, a 2,000-seat theater, and dedicated classroom and rehearsal spaces are open to you 24/7.


You’ll receive training in theatre technology in a state-of-the-art facility that promotes dynamic lighting, staging and sound production to enhance a full theatre experience.


Training and collaborative experiences will help you develop expertise in your vocal and physical abilities and enhance your potential and artistry. Taught in the liberal arts tradition, courses at the University of Saint Francis will support your abilities by providing a solid foundation for understanding humanity and the world in which we live.


Participating in SOCA’s successful internship programs will allow you to benefit from our reputation with area theaters, studios, television stations and creative production facilities. In addition, USF supports two major theatre productions each academic year to highlight your talents for the community.

Job Placement

Internships provide you with real-world experiences that create valuable job potential, professional contacts and respected references.


Talent scholarships are awarded for writing and potential in the areas of communication. USF invests in you and your education. Our personalized approach to education adds value for you.


You can engage in our service learning opportunities to become a part of the community both locally and globally.