The Studio Art ceramics classes allow you to work with a wide range of mediums including earthenware, porcelain, raku and stoneware. You will learn hand-building, mold-making and wheel-throwing construction methods, and have opportunities to complete in-class projects as well as individual explorations.

The School of Creative Arts’ (SOCA) large ceramics studio is equipped with:

  • Fifteen electric wheels, wedging tables, slab rollers and extruders for all stages of ceramic production from mixing clay to formulating glazes
  • Six different ceramic kilns including electric, raku, reduction, soda and wood fire
  • A separate glazing area and numerous small hand tools
  • Exhaust hoods and proper ventilation, ideal for all kinds of clay production and experimentation

Ceramics courses include:

  • Ceramics
  • Advanced Ceramics (four courses)
  • Advanced Sculpture (four courses)